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I finally launched the Nakajima Consultancy service LLP (NSC) in India after 3 years preparation. India is one of the most valuable partners for Japan. Recently, India is getting as important as growing and expanding China. I had thought how I can contribute to India, the country I devoted myself into for almost half of my life time. I finally came up with my mission to support and lead Japanese small and middle business to go and deploy their world-class technologies into Indian industries so as India enjoys further growth.
It is reported that 926 Japanese companies (1,804 on the business location basis) exist in India as of November 2012. However, I would have to say that their presence in India is still very small. Most of them are enterprises or middle size companies of the limited industry domain. Japanese small and middle class companies are required to enter Indian market seeking for many opportunities, and it will be both Indian and Japanese interest and benefit.

  • 42 years' business experience in India (16 year resident in India)
  • One-stop-service from business planning, local entity establishment to operational assistance in India
  • 10+ joint-venture projects I assisted in India while I was with a Japanese trading enterprise
  • 10+ Indian first class enterprises I have offered consulting services for
  • 20 Japanese companies I'm currently supporting as a consultant
  • Many staffs help you at reasonable cost (A professional team by 30+ local supporters with rich experiences and knowledge)
  • My achievement that I'm currently managing and directing 3 other companies in addition to my consulting firm
  • 40+ years’ cultivation of a rich and wide-ranged human network with Indian key persons
  • Strong connections with the Indian government
  • One of the most popular seminar instructors as Indian specialist in Japan

Reasonable fees
Excellent problem solutions having confidence with my human network

Don't worry, just ask your professional consultant for trouble shooting.