I started to offer consultancy service two and a half years ago. I have provided with my service to almost 30 Japanese small, middle and large corporations and 10 Indian companies so far. I have got those clients only through introductions by my friends and connections without giving any publicity. People who are already doing business in India often said that they might have had smoother launch if they had advices by the Nakajima Consultancy Services LLP before their start-up in India. This is the reason why I published this website.

I have devoted myself into Indian business for more than 40 years. I took the lead of automobile department, Sumitomo Corporation Delhi Office and participated in 11 joint venture projects from 1989 to 1994. Then, I acted as a Managing Director of Sumitomo Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. from 1998 to 2001. After my compulsory retirement from Sumitomo Corporation in 2004, I engaged myself in the reconstruction of Swaraj Mazda Ltd. (a truck and bus manufacture and an affiliate of Sumitomo Corporation), then to the Indian government as an advisor dispatched by Japan government, and established and run Misaki Plastic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (a manufacture of concise metal mold for plastic product) by myself. My son-in-law has come to India and is managing and directing Misaki. I’m now living in India with my wife, daughter and her husband, two granddaughters. It’s 16 years in total I spent my time in India.

They say that I am the best India specialist in Japan because of my long resident in India (still not a professional, though). I contribute articles regularly to “Economist Weekly” and I’ve been given lecturers to the India seminar hosted by Nikkei Business Publishing or some prefectural offices 4 to 5 times in a year.

Nakajima Consultancy Service LLP offers a one-stop-service from assistance with business planning, selection of partners, license or permission acquisition for an entity establishment, introduction of office and factory site to management and operation support after your company’s launch.

Nakajima Consultancy Service LLP builds a team for you among almost 30 associates including 4 layers, 4 certified accountants, 3 human resource professionals, 5 management professionals and some advisors who have strong connections with Indian government and the states. All of them are my intimate friends for more than 10 years and credible first class advisors.

My belief is “customer first”, in other words, “highest quality service with more speed at more reasonable fee”. We offer an entity establishment within less than half duration by other companies.

My intention to launch Nakajima Consultancy Service LLP is to assist for Japanese small and middle business to come into India (my clients are almost large enterprises at the moment, though), so I am trying to cut and minimize unnecessary costs to my clients (actually, there are some companies paying such cost.).

They say that business in India is difficult. I would say that it is wrong. You will find plenty of opportunities as far as you understand the characteristics of Indian people and have support by the skilled and experienced consultant. I am actually managing and directing 2 companies and recently established 2 more. I’m in confident with success of them, too. I wish that as many as Japanese companies come into India for business chances. My mission is to help you standing at your side. Keiji Nakajima

▼The background to the consulting firm launch

1) I recognized the necessity and importance of introducing the excellent technologies of Japanese small and middle business to India, so I decided to establish a consulting firm 3 years ago. I have been encouraging myself to acquire high quality consultant skills to be a professional consultant.

2) Though I launched 10+ joint venture in India during I was with Sumitomo Corporation, I had only a big picture as my position and didn’t know detailed operations. I had a chance to establish Misaki Plastic Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a manufacture of metal mold for plastic product in October 2009. It was a great experience for me to know procedures and operation in detail.

3) I requested a consulting agent to establish Misaki, but they said that they needed more than 2 months to acquire governmental permissions. So I made my mind to do it by myself. I actually got it after 6 days with assistance by my Indian friend running an accounting firm. It was unexpectedly simple. I got confidence to complete complicated procedures smoothly as far as I had enough knowledge. I took 12 days to launch this new company. It took a bit longer, as I adopt LLP (limited liability Partnership) scheme just recently institutionalized.

4) There are consulting firms capable and reliable enough for Japanese companies to ask for assistance in India. Some of them are actually expensive because of their profit-critical service. I desired to create a company the clients can trust on the cost aspect, also. 5) They say that it is difficult to understand complicated Company Act, Labor Law, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law etc. But it is not so difficult once you understand them. However, it may be hard if you are not familiar with legislatives and local context of India. And the explanation by an Indian consultant is sometimes difficult and at most of time, given in English. This is a hardship for Japanese small and middle business which doesn’t have legal or global operation section like enterprises. I became keenly aware of the demand for a more simple explanation to small and middle class corporations.

6) Some Indian consulting firms seem to be doing well by preparing “Japan Desk” Japanese person is hired and assigned. But I think that I can offer you another option to choose a consultant firm understanding Japanese mentality, way of business, organizational culture etc.

7) I think that a consulting agent have not only to point out problems and solutions for operation in India, but also to provide with a total solution type service for Japanese small and middle business to enter Indian market. (The total solution type service offers from business planning, company establishment, acquisition of operational resource (resources other than technologies, such as human resource, money, information, knowledge etc.)

▼My picture of the total solution type consulting

I can offer you an orientation about business environment in India, assistance for business planning, introduction and selection of partners, establishment of an entity, selection of office and factory site, recruiting of local human resource and advice on their training, then advice for the operation and funding after your business launch. I am ready to offer such one-stop-service functions so that Japanese small and middle business can easily enter into Indian market with its world-class technologies, in other words, without any concerns about finance, staffing and operation in India.

▼My company organization to achieve these functions

Somebody may point out that I don’t have achievements. Others may and ask me if I am really capable to offer such ambitious service on my own. Please have a look at the following details of my team. To launch and operate a company in India, you must hire a reliable certified accountant, a lawyer with detailed knowledge of the Company Act, Labor Law, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law etc. and, as the case may be, a local manager who assists your operation. It is not so difficult to have such staffs, however, is actually hard to acquire “professionals with quality and reliability”. This is a key point. I spent three years to launch this company not only for my skill-up as a consultant but also for selecting and acquiring these excellent human resources.

1) As a result of my careful investigation of supporters, I nominate Mr. Mohit Aggarwall as my partner. He is one of my intimate friends and running an accounting firm with his father. His firm is also an auditor of my metal mold company. He is a sincere and mild person graduated Delhi university. He, with approbation to my idea, launched Coinmen Consultants LLP together with two certified accountants formally worked with Ernst and Young. The Coinmen Consultants LLP has currently 40 employees. I capitalized 90% of this company. (However, you can still delegate audit to other accounting office at your choice.)

2) I selected 5 experienced lawyers. They are a managing director or associate of the first class law firms. They kindly promised to support me without relations to their own business. That’s why I can offer reasonable and quality service to you.

3) For human resource and labor management, Mr. Ashok Sharma and people with human resource division of 5 companies provide service without cost. Mr. Ashok Sharma is a former general manager of human resource department of Sumitomo Corporation India while I was there and is actually the second person in Jindal Group. Those 5 companies are the ones my friends are running. In addition, more than 20 people will work as external associates who were my people, colleagues and friends during my resident in India. They are my friend for more than 15 years.

4) I am the adviser of a private equity firm in India, and they intend to, as a case by case basis, give positive cooperation to you. And I can also request for support by Indian business owners who are my friends and have plenty of fund.

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Reasonable fees. Excellent problem solutions having confidence with my human network.

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