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Organization Dozo Services Pvt Ltd
Chairman and Managing Director Tomoyoshi Kobori
Current Position Case Western Reserve University – Weatherhead School of Management

Finance & Economics

Current Position Dozo Services Pvt Ltd (Chairman and
Managing Director)
Carriers 2008:Hays Specialist Recruitment Japan KK

2010: Establishment of Dozo Services Pvt Ltd

Specialties Import and export, sales, marketing, business strategy and recruiting
Others Member of JCCII (Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India)
Contact + 91 7738180050

▼Specialties and achievements

- Import and export, wholesales of lifestyle related merchandise (food, clothing and housing), internet related business (e-commerce, development and operation of web services and mobile applications) in India. Currently providing more than 250 clients (hotels, restaurants, shops, shopping websites, and individual consumers) with unique, lifestyle related items (kitchen goods, dairy commodities, flowers, wine bar accessories) in India. E-commerce business using the internet and mobile application and web service business specialized in lifestyle related media.
- Engaging in consulting services for the entity establishment by Japanese manufacturers in Gujarat (selection of office and factory site, accounting, financing, labor management, personnel affair and business strategy) and procurement service of industrial equipments for a Japanese trading corporation.
- Supporting various requirements of companies such as financing, business expansion, operating fund loan. Engaging in joint liability loans with several banks and financial institutes in and out of India.
- I would like to provide you with total support from business launch to expansion with quick response to your requirements in Mumbai as a partner of the Nakajima Consultancy Services LLP.

▼Dozo Services Pvt Ltd

dozo For Consulting in Mumbai
Dozo Services Pvt. Ltd. provide you with wide range services related to all management issues (accounting, audit, tax practice, compliance, legal advice for operation, trade and the Company Act), which I acquired in business practices.