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SunX IP Pvt. Ltd.
Managing Director
Yasuhiro Yamanaka
Organization SunX IP Pvt. Ltd.
Education Bachelor, Keio university Science and technology
Current Position SunX IP Pvt. Ltd.

Managing Director

Carriers 2009: Travelled around the world and visited 32 countries after graduation from university.
2010: Founder and Managing Director, SunX IP Pvt. Ltd.

▼SunX IP Pvt. Ltd.

The SunX IP Pvt. Ltd., locally-incorporated company in India, offers market research, feasibility study and coordination with local companies in India for Japanese corporations. We supported MOU conclusion by our client in October 2013, which amount was over 1 billion Rs. We also develop digital contents and software applications.

▼I’m helping my clients with monetizing Japanese technologies in Chennai.

I travelled around the world without taking a job after graduation from university. Thanks to my clients and many supports by Mr. Nakajima and other people, I established and have managed a local company in India for 3 years. My pleasure is to listen to local people, to find the essence, to make tries and errors meaningful and to assist you to create certain value in this chaotic India.