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  • ・ General and business specific information about India
  • ・Support for India-Japan trade (market research, customer introduction, evaluation, selection and negotiation)
  • ・Guidance of Japanese companies to start up in India (including feasibility study)
  • ・Sourcing, evaluation and selection of local partners
  • ・Assistance in an entity establishment
  • ・Recruiting and training local employees (support for personnel, labor and educational management)
  • ・Fundraising (introduction of Indian investors and banks)
  • ・Research, selection and advice on office and factory site selection
  • ・Assistance of accounting and tax payment (selection and control accountant firm)
  • ・Support for local management and operation in India
  • ・Attendance for Japanese business travelers to India
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Reasonable fees. Excellent problem solutions having confidence with my human network.

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